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Study: Grape Seed Extract Prevents Obesity - grape seed extract supplementation prevents high-fat diet-induced obesity.

Study: Compound in grape seed extract 'kills prostate cancer cells'. New research suggests that a component found in grape seed extract is effective in killing prostate cancer cells.

Study: Grape Seed May Ward Off Alzheimer's - Grape seed extract reduces cognitive impairment and the characteristic brain degeneration seen in mice bred to develop Alzheimer's Disease.

Study: A combination of vitamin C and lysine can not only prevent, but also reverse atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries) in coronary arteries and those in the brain. There is a new natural remedy, Medi-C Plus, that is a powder containing high doses of vitamin C and lysine.

Medi-C Plus - Other Benefits: Immune health, Vision, Teeth and gums, Wound healing, Bones and cartilage, Recovery from shingles, Recovery from herpes outbreaks, Healthy mood.

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